Brad Myers

Selected Discography

I am currently working on a number of studio projects that will be completed and released over the next year or so. 

  • A new full length CD of Honky-Tonk Country Music from Jeremy Pinnell
  • A new full length CD of Western Swing from The Midwestern Swing
  • A new studio recording from Wild Carrot with me on mandolin and backing vocals.
  • A new studio recording with the Steve Schmidt Organ Trio.

Below is a discography of my work up to this point. Make sure to visit the Audio page for downloads or streaming audio via the website's Audio Player or click on the thumbnails for each CD to BUY THE CD

As a bandleader, composer, or primary artist . . .
Brad Myers & Michael Sharfe
2017 - SANGUINARIA (Hopefulsongs) - Colloquy Records 13214
  • For my second CD, I’ve collaborated with veteran Cincinnati bassist Michael Sharfe on a collection of conversational hopeful melodies that straddle the fertile valley between the jazz guitar and bass duo tradition and modern jazz guitar trios that have inspired both of us. Comprised of some of my original tunes, our favorite under recorded compositions by jazz tune-smiths like Vince Guaraldi, Gerry Mulligan, Steve Swallow, and great gems from modern era guitar heroes like Jim Hall, Steve Cardenas, and Paul Bollenback. Featuring performances from Dan Dorff, Jr., Tom Buckley, Marc Wolfley, and Dan Karlsburg.

Myers (Quintet)                        
2015 - PRIME NUMBERS - Colloquy Records 1357
  • My debut jazz CD, released on June 2nd 2015, is a collection of six original tunes and three classic jazz tunes arranged and recorded by my quintet over the last couple of years. The CD features Chris Barrick on Vibraphone, Ben Walkenhauer on Tenor Sax, Peter Gemus on Acoustic Bass, Tom Buckley on Drums and Cymbals, and special guests Michael Mavridoglou on trumpet and flugelhorn and Dominic Marino on Trombone on a couple of tracks. Mixed and Mastered by Brian Schwab. Photography by Michael Wilson. Package Design by Gellen Design. Buy it here.
As a sideman, session musician, engineer, or featured soloist

CCM Jazz Orchestra (feat. Fareed Haque)
2016 - In
Search of Garaj Mahal - Harmonized Records

  • A very special treat to be on this recording while getting my Master's Degree during 2014-2015 at University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). Ray's Music Exchange used to play shows with Garaj Mahal on several occasions and it was a thrill to play with Fareed again on this awesome collection of Garaj Mahal tunes arranged for Big Band and featuring both me and Fareed on guitars. I even got to take a decent solo on the tune "Hindi Gumbo". We also got to take this music to NYC with Fareed and play a night at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola to finish out a great year. Buy it here.

Ryan Fine
2016 - Alone with Dreamers - Self Produced

  • The debut recording from singer-songwriter Ryan Fine is a great release that features me playing guitar on "Pity" and "Think Fast" along with a stellar band of CCM's brightest young musicians. Along with his band The Media, they are working hard on their next release. Buy it here.

2016 - Subterrain - Chiefdom Records

  • I played bass and guitars on tracks #3, 4 ,5, and 6 on this dope collection of Raw, Analog, Dubbed out Organic Groovesfrom the studio of Producer Jason Grimes and his Chiefdom Records label. Also featuring some killer musicians to round out the EP. Buy it here.

Nomadic Warriors
2016 - Nomadic Warriors - Chiefdom Records

  • I played bass and guitar on tracks #1-4, 6, and 7 on Chiefdom Records and Jason Grimes second EP release of 2016. This one is more Raw, Analog, Dubbed out instrumentals with more of a reggae flavor. Buy it here.

Ancient News (David Kisor and Andrea Cefalo)
2015 - I Come Into This World - Self Produced

  • This is a cool collection of tunes written by David Kisor and Andrea Cefalo based on the Sufi poetry of Rumi and Hafiz. It's a diverse landscape of material with a bunch of really great musicians. I got to do all of the acoustic and electric guitars on this CD and occasionally get to play a live set with them when they play this stuff. Super fun! Buy it here.

Jeremy Pinnell & the 55’s

2014 - OH/KY - Sofaburn Records

  • I am a regular on telecaster, background vocals and occasionally electric bass with Jeremy Pinnell and his misfit band of honky tonk heroes known as The 55’s. I played on about half of the tunes on his inaugural recording for Sofaburn Records. The rest of the guitar duties on this stellar release are handled by telecaster wunderkind and all around amazing musician Harold Kennedy. Check out Jeremy’s website here. Buy or download the CD here.

Growing Sound (a division of Children’s Inc.)
2014 - DANDELION - Songs for Developing Toddlers and Early Preschoolers - featuring De
mi Mays & Friends - David Kisor - Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist

  • My first children’s recording for Growing Sound. I played all the acoustic and electric guitars on the album. Also features Cincinnati area musicians Don Aren, Paul Patterson, and Napoleon Maddox. Listen to it here. Buy it here.

Eric Baumgartner
2013 - The Panda Tapes -Self Produced
(Band mate for Aja - Steely Dan Tribute & Savoy Truffle - Beatles Tribute)

  • I was honored to be a guest on the track "Rumplefunkskin" as a guitarist. It is a great testament to Eric's abilities as a composer and arranger as well as a master keyboardist. Also features fellow Aja band mates Adam Wheeler and Steve Langemo. Super fun progressive rock and funk. Buy it here.

Trio Pi - Mike Sharfe, Rob Allgeyer, & Jim Leslie
w/ special guests Sandy Suskind, Tim McCord, and Brad Myers
2013 - STRAIGHT UP SWINGIN’ - Self Produced

  • I was a guest soloist on the track “Speak Low” along with flautist Sandy Suskind. This is a great arrangement from Mike Sharfe that combines elements of the song “Milestones” with the Kurt Weil classic “Speak Low”. Buy it here.

BBG & Company

  • I played guitar on this funky swing live set from Brian Batchelor-Glader’s quartet featuring Mike Sharfe on bass, Joe Jahnigen on drums, and BBG on keys. I played on about half the tunes and had a great couple of nights working with these amazing musicians. Check out some videos from that night here.

The Swarthy Band

2007 - HOW THEY LOOK TO THE SKIES - Self produced

  • I recorded, mixed and co-produced the sophomore effort from this short lived “power pop” group populated with Ray’s Music Exchange folk and led by singer-songwriter Swarthy a.k.a Brian Love. Think Guided By Voices meets The Beatles meets the Everly Brothers. Great stuff.

CCM Jazz Ensemble and CCM 2:00 Jazz Combo 
1996 - LADY BIRD - Sea Breeze Records - Rick Van Matre, producer

  • I was a featured soloist with the 2:00 Jazz Combo led by Pat Harbison on the tune “Someday My Prince Will Come” while I was getting my undergraduate degree at CCM.

w/ Ray’s Music Exchange
as a Co-Leader, Guitarist, Composer, Producer
. . .

2011 - A LIVE RAYUNION - Live Concert DVD Ray-Mayd Productions RMEDVD001 

This DVD is the first live concert video release from RME and was recorded at the first “reunion” show the band did in 2010 at Play By Play Cafe in Cincinnati, OH. It features almost all of the core band members from the “recording years” 1999-2004 on one stage for one night of energetic gems from the Ray’s catalog. The 2 hour + DVD also includes audio mp3 files of all the tunes for easy portability. This is the best recorded example to date of the energy and variety that were always part of RME live shows.

Personnel - Brad Myers - g/vx, Nick Blasky - bs/vx, Michael Mavridoglou - tpt/vx Steve Kortyka - sax, Joe McLean - g/sl g/vx, Paul Hogan - keys/vx, Jason Smart - dr/perc, Eli Hludzik - dr/perc, Nicholas Mavridoglou - perc, Matthew Hawkins - perc, Mike Darrah - keys, Eric Campbell - tbn (track 10 & 11)

Track Listing - Itch the Scratch 10:45 - Gronus 8:41 - Peruvius 7:50 - Boris the Bedsnake 12:34 - Misguided Samaritan 9:10 - Long Distance Operator (Dylan) 6:37 - Worthville Shuffle 15:08 - Furley’s Comet 6:44 - Quartalchondriac/12 Tone Jam 11:29 - Debo Rides Again 7:58 - Bowie Knife 11:11 - El Padrino 10:16

- Studio CD Recording Ray-Mayd Productions RMECD005 

The last studio CD release from Ray’s before we slowed down active touring, this CD features a tight and groovy mix of RME originals that does not let up from the first track to the last. Memorable favorites include the epic anthem for blind dogs everywhere “Blue”, the funky classic “Gapers”, seminal dance numbers “Watch the Lights” and “Boris the Bedsnake”, and the second line inspired blues closer “Bowie Knife”. This smaller version of the band is locked together and on fire from all the shows played since RME’s previous studio release in 2001, Turanga.

Personnel - Brad Myers - g/vx, Nick Blasky - bs/vx, Michael Mavridoglou - tpt/keys/vx, Eli Hludzik - dr/perc, Steve Kortyka - sax (7&11)

Track Listing - Intro/On With the Show 1:48 - Blue 6:27 - Gapers 6:50 - Free Ride and a Hotplate 9:39 - Watch the Lights 5:03 - Boris the Bedsnake 7:16 Synchrocosmic 6:14 - Exidor 9:26 - Jimmy Jenga 6:30 - Red Rocket 4:45 - Bowie Knife 6:29

2003 - RAY'S REELS VOL. 2 - Live Compilation CD Ray-Mayd Productions RMECD004

The second release in the “Ray’s Reels” series, this CD features adventurous liveexplorations from a live band on fire. Compiled from excellent soundboard recordings from gigs in Newport, KY and Burlington, VT in February of 2003.

Personnel - Brad Myers g - Nick Blasky bs - Joe McLean g - Eli Hludzik - dr/perc - Michael Mavridoglou tpt/keys - Nicholas Mavridoglou - perc

Track Listing - Open Jam , Meathead Dance Party, Synchrocosmik, Quartalchondriac

2002 - RAY'S REELS VOL. 1 - Live Compilation CD
Ray-Mayd Productions RMECD003

The first CD in the “Ray’s Reels” series, Vol. 1 captures the band’s live exploits on tour during October of 2002 in Cleveland, OH and Nederland, CO. Featuring a tight six piece unit, this is a great recording that contains some rare tunes that were never recorded on “official” releases.

Personnel - Brad Myers g - Nick Blasky bs - Joe McLean g - Eli Hludzik - dr/perc - Michael Mavridoglou tpt/keys - Andrew Neff sax - Nicholas Mavridoglou - perc

Track Listing - Horseload/12 Tone Jam, Red Rocket, Iranian Space Kamp, Gapers, 123 Fake St., The Scrambler

2001 - TURANGA - Studio CD Recording Delvian Records/Ray-Mayd Productions RMECD002 

TURANGA is the first definitive studio statement from a super talented band at their creative heights as a unit. A modern fusion of diverse genre bending music that knows no boundaries. The band delivers tight groovy funk on “Debo Rides Again”, “Misguided Samaritan”, world music explorations on “Water Torture” and “Thumbs”, and bizarre circus fusion on “We Like You” and “Sally’s Revenge”. Featuring the full band from 1999’s Alivexchange plus several special guests, this is a truly monumental recording that helped to define RME’s place among the most unique contributors to jam based music and modern jazz fusion.

Personnel - Same as ALIVEXCHANGE minus Joshua Quinlan, plus Andrew Neff - sax, Mike Townley - tbn, Patrick Hernly - tabla, Robert Simonds - violin, Eric Anderson - Cello, Stephanie Skaff - vx, Jennifer Shepherd - vx, Mike Barnhardt - perc

Track Listing - Debo Rides Again 6:06 - Misquided Samaritan 8:17 - Chimney Rock 2:52 - Turanga #1 2:00 - Miniature #4 1:34 - Peruvius 4:05 - We Like You 3:43 - Horse Load 12:52 - Thumbs 7:27 - Miniature #6 1:04 - Water Torture/Turanga #5 3:41 - Sally’s Revenge 3:26

- Live Concert CD Ray-Mayd Productions RMECD001 

The first official release from this exciting young band, striving to find their niche among the myriad of funk jazz improvisational outfits, captures a live weekend of sold out shows at the now defunct Ripley’s Alive in Cincinnati, OH. The palpable energy and high production standards on this recording, including mastering by audio icon Bob Katz, earned RME a Cincinnati Entertainment Award for “Best Album” in 1999. From the cacophonous opening insanity of “The Scrambler” to the eastern music inspired epic closer “And Points East” and the party favorite “Gronus”, and all of the funky points in between, this recording is a must have for fans that strive to know the origins of the musical powerhouse that is RME.

Personnel - Brad Myers - g/vx, Nick Blasky - bs/vx, Paul Hogan - keys/vx/smpl, Jason Smart - dr/perc, Matthew Hawkins - perc/mrba, Joe McLean - g/vx, Michael Mavridoglou - tpt/vx/perc, Joshua Quinlan - sax/vx

Track Listing - The Scrambler 6:51 - Itch the Scratch 10:05 - Ran over Ray 9:59 - Gronus 7:04 - Guava Girl 12:11 - Swamp Stomp 10:40 - And Points East 15:39